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Learn about new advances in tribology specific to your industry and applications. Stay up to date with our latest developments and solutions with our useful product and tribology webinars.  

How to develop a maintenance-free long-life king pin & suspension tribological system for commercial vehicles

Looking to develop a grease- and maintenance–free, long life king pin & suspension bearing systems for Commercial Vehicles (Trucks & Buses)?

Join Suraj Patil, Application Engineer from GGB India who covers the needs for king pin & suspension tribological surface solutions from GGB in a challenging industry. Trends in the Commercial Vehicles industry are increased service warranty up to 5 years, unitized wheel end bearings with a lifetime of more than 500 000 km and non-stop running vehicles. 

Nano Fillers for the Next Generation of Self-Lubricating Materials Webinar | GGB

With the use of self-lubricating polymers, transfer films are crucial and vital in the performance of tribo-technical designs. Nano fillers are key to improving that transfer film and the overall tribological performance of the system. In this webinar, GGB’s Applications Engineer, Giacomo Landi and GGB’s Senior Tribologist, Dr. Marco Enger will discuss how transfer films and nano fillers work on improving tribological performance. Following the webinar, attendees will have a better understanding of transfer and sliding films and they form. Attendees will learn how to describe the micro-structural features of transfer films qualitatively, as well as learning about the development of slide-active polymer compounds/composites to establish high quality transfer films.

Slippery When Wet - Lubrication Fundamentals Webinar

Lubrication is used to reduce friction and wear between sliding surfaces. In this webinar, GGB’s Senior Applications Engineer, Jonathan O’Neal and GGB’s Principal Engineer for Tribological Materials, Dr. Michael Kim will address the fundamentals of lubrication methods to help attendees understand the various lubrication types and their impact on friction and wear. In this session, our speakers will address lubrication system examples as well as providing general system design advice for avoiding catastrophic failure and lubrication corrosion.

Beyond Bearings, Enhancing the Performance with Polymer Coatings

In many industries, complex shapes and surfaces create material challenges for engineers looking to increase performance of their systems while reducing friction and slowing wear for the long haul. What if there was a solution offering freedom of geometry for sliding surfaces?

In our latest webinar presentation, “Beyond Bearings: Enhancing the Performance with Polymer Coatings”, GGB’s Coatings Commercial Director, Siegfried Gsoels and Senior Applications Engineer, Jonathan O’Neal, introduce polymer coatings as a tribological solution. In this webinar we will examine data supporting the advantages of using coatings as a tribological solution as well as the power of partnership when you pair plain bearings and coatings together.

Learn How to Reduce Fretting Wear and Fretting Corrosion using Self-Lubricating Surfaces

Looking to gain a better understanding of fretting wear and corrosion and how to reduce them using self-lubricating surfaces? Watch our latest webinar presentation, Improved Fretting Wear Resistance with Self-Lubricating Surfaces, from GGB's Senior Tribologist, Marco Enger, and Principal Engineer for Tribological Materials, Dr. Michael Kim.

In this presentation, our speakers will review several types of self-lubricating surfaces and provide tribological test results demonstrating favorable results in both wear and related fretting corrosion. Following the webinar, you will have a better understanding of fretting wear and fretting corrosion, the positive effects of self-lubricating surfaces in reduction or elimination of fretting, and much more.

Thinking Outside the Circle, Applied Tribology a Key to Improved System Performance

Join us for a special GGB webinar hosted by Design World, "Thinking Outside the Circle, Applied Tribology a Key to Improved System Performance".

In this 50 minute presentation, GGB’s Senior Tribologist, Marco Enger and Business Development Specialist, Andreas Epli will walk you through what a typical design process looks like for an engineer and how bearing component selection is usually one of the last pieces of the puzzle. We will introduce our tribological expertise and how considering the tribological aspects and factors learned through the webinar will offer an optimal approach for selecting the best bearing component in a design. By the end of this presentation, you will know how to apply key tribological aspects to your design and understand how applying them earlier in your design process can identify critical factors influencing the system. You will learn how to identify solutions to minimize wear, maximize system efficiency and extend system lifecycle.

Discover How to Beat the Heat with GGB's New High Temp Bearing Solution

Join us to learn about the capabilities and uses of our newest product, PyroSlide™ 1100 Powder Metal Bearing – The Tribological Solution for Extreme Temperatures. In this 35 minute presentation, Taylor Abraham, Applications Engineer & PyroSlide™ 1100 Project Engineer, and Andreas Trenkler, Senior Applications Engineer, will introduce PyroSlide™ 1100 high temperature bearing as a new addition to the GGB’s metal and bimetal bushings.

Find out how our newest high temp bearing was designed to effectively withstand some of the harshest conditions we have ever designed for. Learn how it can help optimize and improve various bearing applications with high temperature needs, such as industrial ovens, exhaust heat recovery systems, and a variety of valves in the automotive and aerospace sectors.

Watch our in-depth webinar about GGB's Engineered Plastics Solutions

To meet the increasing demands of surfaces in motion, GGB has developed a comprehensive range of solutions.

In this presentation, Business Development Specialist, Andreas Epli and Application Engineering Leader, Matthew Steiner introduce our EP® range of engineered plastics bearings and gave an overview of GGB´s tribological bearings solutions.

Find out how our EP® line was designed to meet the operational conditions of a wide range of applications including: automotiveaerospace, food and beverage, packing, medicaloil and gas, construction, agriculture, recreational, railway and energy.


Learn more about GGB self-lubricating engineered plastics bearing solutions

GGB's Presentation on Composite Bearings for the Hydropower Industry

GGB Bearing Technology’s principal engineer for tribological materials, Michael Kim, made a presentation on composite bearing applications at the 2017 HYDRO International Conference and Exhibition, held October 9-11, 2017, at the FIBES Congress and Exhibition Centre in Seville, Spain.

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